The Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® has a wide variety of member benefits. Membership in COAR also provides the opportunity to join the Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon. For information on how to join our association or a member benefit brochure, please click here. 

COAR members can participate in our awards programs, have access to the tech helpline, and have access to news blasts including our newsletter. Additionally, our members have access to an extensive calendar of education classes at significantly reduced prices, access to fun social events with their peers including networking events, and much, much more. This section of our site will outline the various benefits our members receive when joining the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®.

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Membership in the REALTOR® organization is a professional distinction that places you among the top of all agents licensed to practice real estate in Oregon. Anyone with an active real estate license from an approved school may apply for membership, however only those accepted as members may use the registered trademark term REALTOR®, an industry mark which symbolizes one's personal commitment to real estate and a high Code of Ethics as a career pursuit and sets you apart from the non-member real estate agents and brokers in the Oregon. For information about the trademark and how to use it, 
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As a member of the association, you will also have the ability to join the MLS. On the online platform, the MLS offers several other programs to help you succeed in your business that will help you value a home, one-stop facts and figures, look at statistics, create prospects, manage contacts and make comparable searches. 


Data Platforms Offered

Listing Syndication: Not only will your listings appear on our website for the public to search but it will also be syndicated to over 1,000 sites. You and your managing principal broker will have control over which sites it will syndicate to.

RPR: Our members have access to an exclusive member benefit, REALTORS® Property Resource. This services is there to empower REALTORS® with a comprehensive online database of property information, powerful tools, analysis and unique exports. This data is being compiled from a number of sources including our entire database.

The Oregon Real Estate Forms (OREF) library has all the transactional and advisory forms to enable you to easily conduct all your business in legal, standardized way and result in administrative time savings. To use OREF forms, each broker must subscribe to an annual forms license. When you are properly licensed to use OREF forms, your name will appear as the licensee at the bottom of the OREF forms.

OREF has authorized zipLogix, dotloop, and Redfin to host OREF forms for use with their respective transaction management platform provided that each user of such platform is also personally licensed by OREF to use OREF forms.

Your annual OREF forms subscription provides you with the following additional benefits:

  • Subscription of $198/year becomes $89/year with becoming a member of COAR.
  • Portland-based customer service
  • Enhanced website resources: information, education and training
  • Realtor® association and MLS partnerships
  • MLS technology and trade fair presentations


As a member of COAR, you will have access to Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC. which was formed in 1997 by three associations. Their mission is to profitably develop, control and market high quality user friendly, standardized real estate forms for use by all Oregon Real Estate Licensees and to generate other related revenue streams. OREF, LLC's Forms Committee is comprised of legal counsel, a representative from the escrow industry and nine broker representatives from around the state. The committee meets monthly from February through October to review forms suggestions, revisions and statutory issues.

Throughout the year, the committee thoroughly reviews, discusses and votes on any forms changes or amendments that brokers submit. After the last meeting for the year, the recommendations are forwarded to the OREF Board for final review and approval. Final proofreading and beta testing are then the precursor to the 51 transactional forms being advanced to zipForm® zipLogix®, uploading them on the Oregon Forms Library software platform available by January of the following year. For more information on OREF forms, please click here.

In a field that is a second career for many people, younger real estate practitioners often strive for a way to connect with each other and tap into valuable resources that will help them gain business savvy and succeed.

REALTOR® Magazine launched the Young Professionals Network (YPN) in 2006 as a way to help the younger generation of REALTORS® build a stronger link with the magazine and the real estate industry.

Through networking events, a lively blog, and an engaged YPN Advisory Subcommittee, the program gives its members the tools they need to advance their careers — and have fun in the process. Many state and local REALTOR® associations have already started a Young Professionals Network.

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Joining WCR is a great network to be sent referalls, offer leadership opportunities and connecting with your community; including membership benefits from hotels, ticfkets, supplies, flowers, prescription and even shipping!


Any COAR members interested in joining the Women's Council of REALTORS (WCR) network may join by applying using the membership application attached below.