COAR takes committee applications each Fall. Below is information on each of our committees.

2021 COAR Committees

Charitable Giving Committee, Chair: Susanna Abrahamson
This committee serves two roles. The first is to select MLSCO Bend Tour monthly beneficiaries early in the year. Each committee member is expected to select a month to collect funds at the weekly tour meetings. The second role is to review applications and select beneficiaries for COAR budgeted funds in the Fall. The committee sets the guidelines and criteria for both applications. This committee meets a few times a year.
Building a Better Central Oregon Committee, Chair: Dave Feagans 
BBCO's main purpose is to recognize worthy projects that have enhanced their community with outstanding new or renovated residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Projects are judged on economic impact, neighborhood improvement, unique design or use of materials. The committee sets the guidelines, tours the properties submitted, selects the winners and attends the awards reception. This committee meets a few times early in the year and then does weekly tours of the properties from March - June. Each committee member will work with a winner to prepare them for the award ceremony. Each tour is 4-6 hours. Committee members are also expected to attend the award reception in October.
Commercial Services Committee, Chair: Bruce Barrett
This committee reviews commercial programming offered by COAR and provides direction to staff on scheduling commercial marketing meetings. This committee also oversees the topics selected for COAR commercial CE offered. This committee is also tasked with applying for NAR’s Commercial Services Grant each year and for providing any feedback to COAR on local commercial government affairs issues that need to be reviewed by the Government Affairs Committee. The committee will be asked to provide content for the COAR Commercial Newsletter throughout the year. The committee also circulates an application and selects the recipient of the Commercial Transaction of the Year Award. This committee makes recommendations to any changes in structure to the commercial services to the COAR Board of Directors. This committee meets approximates 6-8 times per year.
Public Relations Committee, Chair: John Furrow
The goal of this committee is to enhance the public perception of REALTORS® and establish the value that our profession provides. The committee works continually to build the image of REALTORS® within the communities in Central Oregon and establish the value of the real estate profession to consumers during a real estate transaction. The committee will select volunteer activities, encourage participation in community outreach among members and select annual sponsorship activities. This committee will also be tasked with helping to develop and provide content for a public-facing website. This committee meets approximately 6 times per year. In addition to meetings, committee members may be asked to attend community events sponsored by COAR.
EnCOAR Awards Committee, Chair: Dave Feagans
The committee reviews the applications for REALTOR, Affiliate and Rookie of the Year and selects the winners. The committee members are encouraged to nominate recipients and promote the nomination process among the membership. This committee only meets 1-2 times per year and the committee members are expected to attend the EnCOAR Awards Reception in April.
Government Affairs Committee, Chair: Cindy King
COAR has an active Government Affairs program and has a lobbyist on staff to work on behalf of our membership in our local jurisdiction at the direction of the Government Affairs Committee. This committee meets with our lobbyist on a regular basis to review issues on local city and county issues. The committee recommends actions to COAR’s lobbyist, reviews and approves requests for issue funding and may be asked to volunteer to speak at public meetings. This committee does deal with time-sensitive information that may require meetings with short notice. This committee meets on a regular basis, typically once a month. Some committee work may be done via conference call or email.
Professional Standards Committee, Chair: Natalka Palmer
This committee serves on panels for the Grievance review of Ethics and Arbitration Requests as well as servers on hearing panels for matters that are referred for a hearing. Additionally, this committee is required to attend Professional Standards training that is provided by either COAR or OAR. Members of this committee if interested can serve as Ombudsman or Mediators. Because these panels are dependent on complaints being filed, while you may be appointed to this committee you may not be called to serve on a panel.
Strategic Planning Committee, Chair: Cat Zwicker
COAR has a robust strategic plan for the future of the association and the Multiple Listing Service. This committee is tasked with reviewing the objectives of the Strategic Plan and identifying which items will be accomplished throughout the year. This committee also makes recommendations to the COAR Board of Directors of any items in the Strategic Plan that should be budgeted for in the following year. This committee is also tasked with evaluating and updating the strategic plan. This committee only meets once or twice per year unless further meetings are required.
Young Professional Network Committee, Chair: Sean Brennan
The Young Professional Network (YPN) Committee is responsible for planning several networking events for our membership including YPN education sessions. While this committee is called the Young Professionals Committee, we encourage members of all ages to be involved in this committee and its events. The committee encourages members to network at these events and provides a social atmosphere for members to get to know each other. This committee meets several times throughout the year to plan events and education sessions. In 2018 the COAR Social Committee was combined with the YPN Committee. It is the YPN Committee’s responsibility to plan a few social events each year in addition to the education sessions. The committee members are expected to attend all events and education sessions as well as promote them to our membership. Affiliates are also encouraged to join this committee.