COAR takes applications from its membership annually for our Key Committees and Workgroups. Below is more information.

2023 COAR Key Committees and Workgroups

Commercial Services Key Committee
This committee oversees the commercial CE topics offered by COAR annually and directs staff on scheduling commercial marketing meetings. This committee also works to ensure that COAR meets the criteria of the NAR Commercial Accreditation and is also tasked with applying for NAR’s Commercial Services Grant each year for commercial real estate-specific programming. Additionally, this committee is responsible for the Commercial Transaction of the Year Award and the education program for specific educational opportunities. This committee is responsible for providing feedback to COAR on local commercial government affairs issues that need to be reviewed by the Government Affairs Committee.
Community Outreach Key Committee
This committee is tasked with finding community outreach opportunities where COAR members can volunteer and promoting these opportunities to our members, emphasizing volunteering in conjunction with NAR’s REALTOR® Volunteer Days. This committee is the community-service arm of the organization covering all areas within COAR’s geographical jurisdiction. The goal of this committee is to help create a better place to work, live and play in alignment with the values of COAR. This committee also identified organizations to build relationships with in order to promote our professional interests and improve the quality of life within our community. This committee also works with the Government Affairs Committee to identify and apply for grant opportunities through the REALTOR® Party Program to help COAR’s outreach efforts in our local communities.
Education Key Committee
This committee will solicit quality recommendations of topics and speakers for programming for basic, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Committee members are expected to take classes through other resources besides COAR to help find courses/instructors that would be of value to the COAR membership. Additionally, this committee will suggest how to provide valuable education to different segments of our membership. COAR staff will consider the timing, frequency, format, and income/cost of courses in conjunction with the COAR Executive Committee.
Government Affairs Key Committee
COAR has an active government affairs program and has a lobbyist on staff to work on behalf of our membership in our local jurisdiction at the direction of the Government Affairs Committee. This committee meets regularly with our lobbyist to review local city and county issues. The committee recommends actions to COAR’s lobbyist, reviews, and approves requests for issue funding, and may be asked to volunteer to speak at public meetings. This committee does deal with time-sensitive information that may require meetings and email responses on short notice. Please keep in mind that this committee can be a significant time commitment depending on what is occurring in local politics.
Professional Networking Key Committee
This committee strives to engage members who are new to our real estate community. This committee works to find opportunities to help our members get involved in their community, attend networking and educational events, and are focused on providing professional and personal development opportunities. This committee will also be responsible for helping elevate our RPAC participation among newer members to COAR. The goal is to have more of our members become engaged citizens in the communities where they live and work so that REALTORS® are helping to elevate our communities for years to come. The committee members are expected to attend the Professional Network events and promote them throughout the real estate and affiliate communities.
Professional Standards Key Committee
This committee serves on panels for the Grievance review of Ethics and Arbitration Requests and on hearing panels for matters referred to a hearing. This committee is required to attend Professional Standards Training that is provided by either COAR or Oregon REALTORS®. Members of this committee can also serve as mediator or ombudsman if interested. Because these panels are dependent on complaints being filed, you may be appointed to this committee and not serve on a panel.
Attainable Housing Workgroup
This workgroup is responsible for taking a proactive approach to the housing attainability crisis in Central Oregon. This workgroup will evaluate various attainable housing programs in various cities throughout the US compiled by NAR and Oregon REALTORS®. This workgroup will help draft proposals to assist our local governments and officials. This workgroup will also review ways, we, as an association, can affect change in our communities to provide more attainable housing inventory to our marketplace. This workgroup will update the Government Affairs Committee and report recommendations and action items to the Board of Directors.
Building a Better Central Oregon Workgroup
This workgroup’s primary purpose is to recognize individuals or organizations who have enhanced their community with outstanding new or renovated residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Projects are judged on economic impact, neighborhood improvement, unique design, or use of materials. The workgroup sets application guidelines approved by the COAR Board of Directors. The workgroup views the projects, selects the recipients, and attends the award reception. The workgroup updates the Board of Directors on chosen recipients. While this workgroup has a narrow focus on one award program, it is a significant time commitment to review all the properties submitted.
Charitable Giving Workgroup
The Charitable Giving Workgroup is provided a line item in the COAR budget for funds to contribute to charitable organizations within our jurisdiction. This workgroup creates application guidelines approved by the COAR Board of Directors. COAR staff shall circulate the applications throughout the communities through various electronic communication methods. The workgroup shall select the recipients of the funds and distribute them in check presentations. Workgroup members are expected to attend the check presentations. The workgroup shall update the COAR Board of Directors on chosen recipients. This workgroup is also responsible for exploring opportunities to hold fundraisers for the Oregon REALTORS® Home Foundation within our jurisdiction and present those proposals to the COAR Board of Directors for approval. Lastly, this workgroup works with COAR staff on year-end, giving opportunities during the holiday drives.
COAR Building Workgroup
This workgroup is comprised of commercial real estate practitioners. This workgroup periodically accesses the lifecycle of the annual funding of capital improvements to the facility, analyzes the best use of the facility, any renovations or improvements to the facility, and any other real estate assets owned by the association. These reviews will take place every 2-5 years.
Diversity Workgroup
This workgroup identifies the concerns and needs of minority members and works to assist in developing policies and programs to address those concerns and needs. Policies and program approval shall be submitted to the COAR Board of Directors for approval. This workgroup is responsible for running an annual Fairhaven Challenge with COAR members. This workgroup shall also identify educational opportunities to promote DEI practices in real estate. This workgroup shall be responsible for meeting any DEI requirements in NAR’s Core Standards. This workgroup shall also support national and state diversity and fair housing initiatives.
EnCOAR Workgroup
This workgroup develops the application for the REALTOR® of the Year (ROTY), Affiliate of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. This workgroup includes former ROTYs, reviews the nominees, selects the award winners, and reports to the COAR Board of Directors. Note: There should only be one person per office in this workgroup. The workgroup members are expected to attend the EnCOAR Awards Reception.
Member Perks Workgroup
This workgroup will identify, evaluate, and approve affinity partnerships with the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® to provide member benefits and discounts on products and services.
Member Spotlight & Good Neighbor Award Workgroup
This workgroup will create criteria for a member spotlight program which will be approved by the COAR Board of Directors. This workgroup will solicit recommendations from Managing Principal Brokers of brokers who meet the criteria in their office. The workgroup will review these recommendations, and one member will be selected monthly as a member spotlight for local recognition. This workgroup will select one member from the 12 members chosen for the member spotlight to receive an annual Good Neighbor Award.
MLS Tour Workgroup
This workgroup will consist of members who attend local MLS tour meetings. They are responsible for creating a consistent format which must include a hybrid option for accessibility purposes, neutral location, and rules for MLS Tours so that our programming is consistent throughout our jurisdiction. This workgroup will also clearly identify what role, if any, COAR staff has in the process of the MLS Tours. This group will also determine a process for selecting beneficiaries from tours that collect funds.
Safety Workgroup
This workgroup will identify safety resources to promote to the COAR membership for their daily activities in the real estate industry. Additionally, this workgroup will identify educational opportunities centered around safety-related issues for REALTORS®. This workgroup will ensure that it meets any safety metrics outlined in NAR’s Core Standards program.