NAR’s Code of Ethics is the one factor that distinguishes REALTORS® from other real estate agents. The Code of Ethics is universally recognized by practitioners, lawyers and laymen alike as the measure of professionalism in real estate. When you abide by the Code, it ensures your fellow practitioners and the public of a high standard of business conduct.

Updated annually, in response to changes in the industry, each REALTOR® needs to review the Code when these changes occur. The Code of Ethics is divided into three important sections; Duties to your Clients, Duties to the Public and Duties to REALTORS®. There are currently seventeen Articles in the Code of Ethics. Each Article is supported by Standards of Practice to help the member and the public understand the intent of the Article.

Ethics Complaint

If you are having an issue with a REALTOR®, the Central Oregon Association has several resources at your disposal. COAR has an Ombudsman program at its disposal who is a trained REALTOR® member who can attempt to resolve the issue with you in advance of any formal complaint is filed. If an ombudsman is unable to resolve the issue, we recommend you review the current NAR Code of Ethics and the Brochure on Filing an Ethics Complaint and determine if you believe an article of the NAR Code of Ethics has been violated. If so, you may file complete the Ethics Complaint Form and submit it to the COAR office.

To access the current NAR Code of Ethics, the Brochure on Filing and Ethics Complaint, the Ethics Complaint Form, and additional resources on the NAR Code of Ethics, please see the supporting documents section of this page.

Other Complaints

If you have a monetary dispute with another REALTOR® member, you may visit the Mediation/Arbitration section of our website to view our resources to help our members and the public resolve these disputes. Additionally, if you feel a member has violated Oregon Real Estate License Law, you may visit the Oregon Real Estate Agency section of our website for details on how to file a complaint with their agency.

Ethics Training

The Code of Ethics (sometimes written as COE) class is required every 3 years by the National Association of Realtors®. The current cycle is through January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. Find COE courses HERE.


If you are due to take your COE class, you may find online cources or in person classes that you may attend. Once you have participated in a class, keep your certificate for your files to submit to NAR when it is time. Where to submit your COE class certificate: NAR's Website